Shabbat, says the Talmud, is G‑d’s gift to the Jewish people— and what a gift it is! It offers respite from labor and a break from the intrusion of our ubiquitous technologies. It allows family and community the time to connect and reflect without distraction. The warm smell of challah, the glowing candles, and the comfort of ritual all leave their imprint, shaping forever the meaning of family, peoplehood, and one’s place in the universe.

Yet to many, Shabbat is archaic, restrictive, and daunting, and it is therefore altogether ignored. The objective of this course is to remove the barriers that keep people from enjoying what Shabbat has to offer. We invite women of every level of observance to experience the mystery of this most precious of Jewish treasures on their own level. This mitzvah is not an all-or-nothing proposition, and so this course provides multiple entry points so that students at every level of affiliation can explore meaningful ways to enrich their lives with the lessons of Shabbat.

 Lesson I: Gift of Rest
Lesson II: Glow of Peace
Lesson III: Shabbat Matron
Lesson IV: Divine Delights
Lesson V: Sacred Symbolisms
Lesson VI: Order from Chaos
Lesson VII: The Farewell


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